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Grinta Pre-Order #2 is OPEN!

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Grinta Pre-Order #2 is OPEN!

Grinta Gazette Volume 2 Issue 03 • Tuesday, May, 2017. 
Photo courtesy of Stacey Katelis, Melbourne, Australia. Instagram @stackatz

Pre-Orders Are OPEN!
Now through this Sunday, June 4th.

2017 Pre-Order Group #2 lasts until Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. All pre-orders will be submitted for manufacturing the following week. We anticipate our delivery approximately 5-weeks later in mid July and customers can expect their orders in mid to late July, depending on location. YES! We ship worldwide!


• PRO is now RACE. Our PRO jerseys are now RACE. You still get the same great quality, only the name has changed with room to grow and add a proper PRO jersey / skin suit line in the future. Our PRO Bibs are still our PRO bibs. They're the best we could make and have the finest chamois pads we could source. We also still offer Club cuts for jerseys.

• Gilets. Sleeveless Race Cut Gilets for Men and Women. These are made with Italian UPF 50+ WindTex fabric. Super light at only 130 GSM, Slightly Stretchy, Windproof AND Waterproof. Hidden front zipper, and three back pockets with Reflective Binding on top for added safety. Gilet? Okay, it's a fancy Vest.

• Base Layers. We've added two base layers to the shop for Men and Women. Our classic "Trust Your Madness" motto along with our new mantra "If You Have Grinta, You Have Everything." These are essential for the upcoming hot summer months, and August is sure to be a beast! Great for the wearing on the indoor trainer when there's 2-feet of snow outside in Detroit or Denmark. 

• Pink 100 Cap + Musette. By popular demand, we've designed our take on the Giro 100 and have added our Limited Edition 100 Pink Cap + Musette Set to the shop. We currently have 2 sets in stock, so if you're one of the first 2 to order the set only, we can ship immediately. These were initially only available as inserts into some pre-orders earlier in the year, but now you can order the W / VIVA!

• Zip Pocket Bag. Keep your pockets organized with our Zip Pocket Bags, available in two different designs. These will be your go-to for keeping everything in its right place. These will barely squeak in an iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus / 7 Plus, but are probably best for keys, ID, money, tire levers, and pictures of your dogs. 

• Retiring Designs? We may or may not be retiring some of our designs, so this might be your last chance to get some of your favorites like Pink, Yellow, and Red. We can't guarantee that we will offer these exact same designs in the future, so fair warning. If you want them, now is the time to make sure you get yours ordered.

Now that the pink dust has settled at the Giro, it's on to dreaming about Yellow! 

Thanks again for your interest and support in Grinta! We are a small, but passionate brand striving to provide the highest quality products with exclusive designs. We love what we've built and hope you do, too! 

Trust Your Madness

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