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Important: Tees Alert!

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Important: Tees Alert!

Important update regarding our tees and hoodies. We use a lot of American Apparel (AA) shirts (mostly for women's styles), and they've recently been bought out (via bankruptcy) by Gildan in Canada. 

What that means for us is our supply chain is extremely limited. This is not just a problem for Grinta®, but it's wreacking havoc across the apparel industry. Colors and Sizes are selling out too fast to keep up with, and once they're gone, they're gone. This is a huge bummer for us because the AA color selection is (was) the best in the industry.

At this time, we're unsure if AA will be rebooted by Gildan or not. If so, it may be several months, so this might be your last chance to get you favorite AA shirt style with one of our designs. We've been advised by our printer to stop adding new products on AA items, but all current orders will be fulfilled while they have stock. 

To recap, if you see one of our tees or hoodies printed on AA, you can still order it. We're purging our listings with out of stock shirts and will be replacing all of our AA items over the coming weeks. 


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