About – Grinta LLC


GRINTA LLC was born from the ashes of an unused design project by our founder and it's become an obsession ever since. We're dedicated to building a proper brand for cyclists and cycling fans that appreciate quality, unique designs and share the same passion for the greatest sport in the world!

GRINTA LLC makes Limited Edition artist posters, prints, t-shirts, mugs, banners, cycling apparel, caps, jerseys, bibs and more. We're a creative company and design studio that focuses on cycling apparel and culture. We aim to create compelling, unique designs that live by the "less is more" way of thinking. We're looking for our tribe who resonate with our aesthetic rather than trying to appeal to everyone.

GRINTA LLC is designed with love in Detroit, but we're inspired by the cycling histories of Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Colombia and Australia. 

GRINTA LLC will never release any products made from animals. No wool, leather, silk, down, etc. This is extremely important to us. We realize wool has a long history of being a major material used in cycling clothing, but there are better, more compassionate alternatives today.

Thanks for your interest and support! 

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