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Terms + Conditions

Terms + Conditions: 

GRINTA LLC is a registered company in the State of Michigan, USA.

GRINTA LLC is the legal registered trademark holder of the "Grinta®" name in the USA.

"Grinta®" and "Trust Your Madness" are copyrights of GRINTA LLC. 

The "Grinta®" script logotype is heavily customized, but the typeface remains the trademark and copyright of their owner and creator. 

GRINTA LLC is referred to as Grinta, GrintaCC, Grinta CC, Grinta Cycling, Grinta Ciclismo, Grinta Creative, Grinta Creativo, Grinta Creativo Ciclismo, Grinta Detroit, and Grinta LLC. 

GRINTA LLC "Grinta®" branded merchandise is part of the collections referred to as Grinta Brand, Grinta Collection, and Grinta Brand Collection.

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Copyright + Intellectual Property Rights: 

All site content & related product artwork is owned by GRINTA LLC and is protected under U.S. and International Trademark Law. All materials appearing on the Grinta web server (grinta.cc) may not be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system without prior written permission of the owner and in no case for profit. Usage of the Grinta site (grinta.cc) grants you no rights to any copyright or Intellectual Property (IP) rights relating to the content of the site. 

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Privacy Policy

Any personal information we retrieve from you while browsing or shopping with us remains confidential. We will not sell or share your information with any outside organizations unless legally obliged to do so.